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My way to fine artsObrazek

I was born in Rakovnik, a small town 50 miles west from Prague, just as my ancestors on my father’s side. My mother‘s family comes from a Beroun region, about 30 miles south-west from Prague.

I drew and painted from early childhood. When I ran out of paper, I would draw on my father’s documents or table legs. Instead of playing with other children, I prefered to spend time in a gallery above our appartment, among paintings of Vaclav Rabas and others.

When my family moved to a house on a side of the town, I greatly missed the paintings in the gallery. However, I continued to paint in my spare time and I participated in my first joint exhibit at the age of 18.

Wherever I went I carried my pencil and notebook with me, scetching everything and anything. I expecially enjoyed painting landscapes with oil.

When my children were born and were growing up I attempted to spark their interest in visual arts by leading them to varisous craftworks and simple artworks.  I have refocused my artistic activities on drawing, painting and small plastiques that were easy to comprehend for a child to spark their interest in visual art.

Untill several years ago, I painted flowers only occasionally. However, this eventually become my true passion  I started perhaps by coincidence several years ago. I received many flower gifts from my friends when recovering from surgery and at the same time I discovered old pastells that my grand-mother used for drawing of flowers.  Being surrounded by  the wonderfull flower gifts, I attempted to preserve their fragile beuty using the old pastels. Well it did not go well at first, but I have continued trying again and again. It was like being possessed, I painted all the time, if they were no more flowers at home I went out and painted anything that was in bloom. It was like there were only blooming flowers left and  everything else ceized to exist.

Upon requests from my friends I organized first public exhibit of my flower paintings in The Muzeum Gallery of Fine Arts in Rakovnik on November 1, 2001. Perhaps as a result of huge success of this exhibit and supported by positive reponse of art critiques, painting of flowers become my full time passion. Since then, I exhibitted my works on multiple exhibitts every year. I gained international reputation and my paintings were sold to private collections in Czech Republic, England, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland, and USA.

In 2005 I was asked to design several ex libris with flower motives. This was a new and exciting experience.


Education:       - School of Teaching

                      - Mutliple courses of painting under supervision of academic

                        painter Jan Fort                         

                      - Flower arrangents and design (3 years)

                      - Consultations with academic painters  Vorackova and Jan Fort


Independent Exhibits:

             2001- The Muzeum Gallery of Fine Arts Rakovnik, Czech Republic

         Usti  nad Labem, Czech Republic                                                                                   

         Chatteu Gallery  The Horovice Czech  Republic

2002  -The Muzeum Gallery of Fine Arts   Rakovnik, Czech Republic            

  Usti  nad Labem, Czech Republic                                                     

  The City Hall Gallery   Dietzembach,   Germany 

2003 - Peterska,  Prague,   Czech  Republic                                    

2004  -The Kuba Atelier Art Gallery, Kersko, Czech Republic

2005 - The Rabas Gallery of Fine Arts, Rakovník, Czech   Republic

2006-  The Muzeum Gallery  Kostelec n.Čl.,  Czech  Republic

           The Gallery Český Brod , Czech Republic

2007 -  Brandýs n.L., Czech  Republic

           The Muzeum Gallery Kolín, Czech Republic

           The  Theater Gallery Praha, Czech Republic

2009 - The Renaissance town hall of the City of Volyně, Czech Republic

2010 - The Rabas Gallery of Fine Arts Rakovník, CZECH Republic

2012 - Prague Modřany, Czech Republic

2014 - Litvínov

2016 - The Muzeu,Rakovník

           Chateu Galleri  Průhonice

2017 - Rakovník, Roubenka-LechnýřovnaFr.Institut Prag


Painting Techniques:

                     - Dry pastel

                      - Oil

                     - Combined techniques

 Painting Themes:

                      - past:  landscapes, still lifes, nudity

                      - current: flower arrangements, ex-libris